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Our company is specializing on the high quality ecommerce, web, business and game server. dedicated server opteron or dual xeon, virtual ecommerce server and managed colocation server


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Our Facilities

Protection systems are built with a back-up to ensure reliability and security with:

block5.gif  11x13 Dual Configured UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply)
block5.gif  11x13 Dual dedicated diesel generators
block5.gif  11x13 Dual power feeders from China Light & Power
block5.gif  11x13 Ten units of CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) configured with a back-up, temperature and humidity control
block5.gif  11x13 Dual fibre optics from Telcos and dual risers to the data centre
block5.gif  11x13 FM 200 Fire Suppression System and Pre-Action Sprinkler system
block5.gif  11x13 Security access control
block5.gif  11x13 Firewall and virus protection
block5.gif  11x13 Closed-circuit TV Surveillance System

1. Advanced temperature and humidity contorl system

2. Stable Cisco router and switche architecture

3. Secured safety system

4. Large spare is waiting for you

5. Warm staff, with Newsbook's large resources, are ready to serve you.

our_facilites6.jpg (13318 bytes)

6. Clients' servers.


Room 1, 1/F, Hung Tai Bldg, 37-39, Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (Property of Newsbook Group)


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